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Great customer no-service. Rude manager and slip and fall hazards. Slipped on zip tie on the floor and noticed a toy car in isle where someone could fall. Told manager and she acted like I waisting her time. How many packages should they let you "tear apart" until you are satisfied? You can't sell a product that has been ripped to shreads This person should absolutely have been allowed to return the clock parts--it is you 'chic' who have obviously never worked in retail, otherwise you'd know that returns are part of retail life and a way to maintain customer good will and loyalty.

No wonder these companies are going bankrupt. These are economic times when they should be courting their customers, not clutching on to every stinkin' dime that comes through the till. This Michael's store get's an "F" Careful who and what you complain about. At Michael's a complaint against a store employee is grounds for dismissal.

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Whatever, why you read into these messages a call for corporations to "kiss the ground" is odd Ann, you obviously did not get what i was trying to say. You so eloquently portray the very Michael's culture I wrote about!

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How choice! Corporate must be very proud of you No, I do not work there. I've been there and seen how customers are while checking out on line myself.

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And also, I pity anyone who knows you and feel bad with anyone who has to deal with your stuck up snotty self. A sad fact of life just happens to be that she who the loudest gets what she wants. Just didn't happen here! I'm sure Michael's is glad to have your kind for a customer You and Michael's have a wonderful life. Peace :-D. You certaintly are no saint.

Some returns can be made with the package open I have sadly worked at one of the Michaels stores not fun let me tell you and in fact as for the clock item if it is opened carefully, we do have a a simple tape machine that will seal it back up and be perfectly fine for the next customer to buy On the other hand, Michaels is not a good company to work for. They treat their employees with very little respect and make you feel like a nobody First of all, I have worked for Michaels for over a year now.

I can say that I do enjoy my job most of the time, it's the customers that make my job a living hell most days. Yes, we can take SOME items that have been opened, granted that we can fix the packaging to sell it again. If you are careful opening your packages, then chances are we can still return it for you. Yes, the return policy states that it must be in its original condition. As for items that come in clear plastic wrap, make sure you still have it, and the bar code.

In case you haven't noticed, our registers are not equipped to do things like that. Coupons is something else that I absolutely hate dealing with. No, I will not accept another coupon if you do a different transaction. I like my job, and I don't want to lose it over saving a customer a dollar or two. Chances are you have more money than I do in the first place. That's why I have to work for a retail store. I will agree on the fact that management could be doing a bit better, but over all that is the least of the concerns that need to be dealt with.

Some days I wish that there was a person I could complain to about customers to make them know that they are rude. When complaining about a company, first try talking to the managment in a reasonable way to ask why the product can't be returned. Michaels has an "origional condition" return policy because unlike some stores, there is no "return to vendor".

Return to vendor allows the company to send the product back, and if they can't, they must eat the entire purchase price. Returning items damaged in that way causes prices to get higher, and stores to do poorly. When buying items like clock parts that require a measurement, try measuring hte piece you are fitting the clock part into for the size you need.

Taking a little personal responsibility can keep retail stores from making harsh return policies and jacking prices. Visit the Forum. Join us over on the forum to discuss money-saving ideas and participate in monthly challenges. This post may contain affiliate links. View our disclosure.

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Sign up for my newsletter. Comments Thanks for sharing your grab bag items! I never heard of it until recently. Do they always have them, or is it just a hit or miss sale? How do you find out which michaels store do them? Please let me know when is next michael grab bag sale. I am interested in purchasing your Unwanted Grab Bags!!!

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